Newburyport Waterfront Trust
Memorial Benches

A memorial bench on the Boardwalk in the Newburyport Waterfront Park is a wonderful way to honor someone, be it a relative, a friend or another individual or group who deserves recognition. It provides a public and lasting commemoration. For those remembering someone who has passed away it serves as a place of contemplation where friends and family can go to enjoy memories of the deceased. All plaques will be the same size and style as those existing now. The plaque is a permanent installation and would be transferred to a replacement bench if the present bench wears out. Click here to see the available benches. They are designated with red numbers. There are two (2) benches (in spring 2016) available which are similar to those already installed there. The cost of the memorial bench and plaque on the Merrimack River boardwalk section of the park is $3,000. Also, there are still metal benches available along the Ways to the River (interior walkways of the park). The cost to memorialize one of these benches is $1,500. If you decide to endow either bench type, the wording on the plaque must fit into no more than four lines to be completed on the attached application. Also enclosed is a schematic map indicating the available locations of the benches within the park. Please keep in mind that the benches are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like to proceed, please send your check payable to the Newburyport Waterfront Trust listed on the application. We will, in turn, send the inscription information to the foundry, which will complete a layout for your review and approval. Once approval is received, the bronze plaque will be ordered. This may take a couple of weeks or up to two months to receive. The plaque will then be installed as soon as possible, weather permitting. It is important to note that we have little control over this time frame and so cannot promise installation by a certain date. Please contact me if you have questions: (978) 270-1734 Sincerely, Edith Heyck Newburyport Waterfront Trust Park Manager
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January 2015